Butte Country Club History

The Butte Country Club was established in 1899 as the first country club in Montana. It was the first golf course in the state and the first course to boast all grass fairways and greens. The golf course was originally located east of what is now Blacktail Lane and south of Elizabeth Warren Avenue. At that time, Lake Avoca extended north from Elizabeth Warren Avenue to what is now the green on Hole #4. After Lake Avoca was drained, the course was moved to its present location and converted to the grounds you see here today. It’s amazing that the entire bottom portion of present holes 1, 2, 3, 4,13 and 15 was at one time submerged under Lake Avoca. Although over a century has passed since its inception, Butte Country Club continues to be a recreational and social pillar within the city and surrounding community.